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Fiddle Ridge Jam Tunes

Every Tuesday night we host an informal jam session from 6:30-9:00. Most tunes are played from one of the following books: Portland Collection, Portland Collection Volume Two, Fiddler's Fakebook, New England Fiddler's Repertoire, or one of the three Waltz Books. Stop in sometime to listen or to play along!

May 22, 2007~ Asher, Cowboy Jig, Calliope House, Cuil Aodha/ Sarah's Jig, Belle Catherine/ Benton's Dream/ You Married My Daughter But You Didn't, Quarry Cross/ Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle, Flowers of Edinburgh/ Teetotaler's Reel, Salt Creek/ Red Haired Boy, Belknap's March/ Scollays, Wild One/ Coffee/ Moon & Seven Stars, Waldo, Beth Cohen's, West Texas Waltz

May 15, 2007~ Chorus Jig, New Stove, Quarry Cross, Round the Horn, Julia Delaney's/ Bill Cheatem, Reconciliation, Banshee/ Caribou, Cold Frosty Morning/ Swinging on a Gate/ Mason's Apron, Reel Eboulements, Brenda Stubberts, Cuil Aodha/ Sarah's Jig/ Cuil Aodha, Geese in the Bog/ Off She Goes/ Coffee, Tamlin/ Devil in the Strawstack/ Farewell to Tchernobyl, Wild One/ Stool of Repentence, Manx Waltzes (Arrane Ghelby & Ushag Veg Ruy)

May 8, 2007~ Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/ Walker Street, Asher, Willafjord, Trip to Durrow/ Wissahickon Drive, Star of Munster/ Kitchen Girl, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Banshee/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Bus Stop/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Reel de Montebello/ Reel de Mattawa, Red Haired Boy/ Salt Creek, Wild One/ Coffee, Ragtime Annie, Blackberry Blossom

May 1, 2007~ We're back! Growling Old Man & Woman, Star of Munster/ Forester's Hornpipe, Cold Frosty Morning/ Caribou, Kenmure's Up and Awa', Dick Gossip's/ Reconciliation, Spootiskerry/Willafjord, Coffee/ Moon & Seven Stars, Reel de Montebello, Banshee/ Old Gray Cat/ Swinging on a Gate, Salt Creek, Liza Jane/ Flop Eared Mule, Julia Delaney/ Paddy on a Handcar, Calliope/ Cowboy Jig, Batchelder's/ Ross' Reel #4, Blackberry Blossom, Ragtime Annie

April 24, 2007~ No jam, out of town

April 17, 2007~ No jam... out of town

April 10, 2007~ Spootiskerry/ Willafjord, Hudie Gallagher's/ Rambling Pitchfork, Paddy on the Railroad/ Mason's Apron, Ragtime Annie, Bus Stop/ Paddy on a Handcar/ Old Gray Cat, New Stove, Saint Anne's Reel/ Belle Catherine, Ootpick

March 27, 2007~ Denis Murphy's, Sweeney's, Nutting Girl, John Ryan's Polka, Cheticamp/ Pays de Haut, Spootiskerry/ Williafjord, Shenendoah Falls/ Spootiskerry/ Willafjord, St Anne's Reel/ Belle Catherine, Hudie Gallagher's/ Rambling Pitchfork, Swallowtail Jig/ Moon & Seven Stars.

March 20, 2007~ Denis Murphy's, Sweeney's, The Nutting Girl, John Ryan's Polka, Banks of the Allen/ O'Keefe's/ Out on the Ocean, Frost is All Over/ Blackthorn Stick/ Teviot Bridge, Connaugt Man's Rambles, Julia Delaney/ Ships Are Sailing/ Star of Munster, Swallowtail Reel/ Rannie McLellan/ Brenda Stubbert's, Johnny Cope/ Scollay's/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Fisher's Hornpipe, Midnight on the Water

March 6, 2007~ Kesh Jig/ Swallowtail/ Irishman's Heart to the Ladies, Johnny Cope/ Scollay's/ Lady Ann Montgomery, La Bastringue, Reconciliation/ Julia Delaney, Dick Gossips, Gravel Walk/ Paddy on the Railroad/ Mason's Apron, Spootiskerry/ Tom Morrison's Reel, Scatter the Mud/ Tobin's/ Morrison's Jig, Hudie Gallagher's/ Rambling Pitchfork, Grumbling & Growling, Red Shoes, Swallowtail Reel/ Banshee/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Old Grey Cat/ The Gale, Star of the County Down, Neil Gow's Lament

February 27, 2007~ Walker Street, Reconciliation/ Julia Delaney/ Dick Gossip, Shoo Fly/ Sandy Boys, Mug of Brown Ale/ Hudie Gallagher's, Miss Shepherd's/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Big John McNeil, Barrowburn Reel, Captain O'Kane, Log Drivers Waltz, Gaspe/ Levis Beaulieu, Gigue de Terrebonne

February 20, 2007~ Denis Murphy's Polka, Ballyoran Polka #2, John Ryan's Polka, Red Wing, Sweeney's, Nutting Girl, March of St Timothy, Golden Slippers, Silver Spire, Hughie Shorty's Reel, Julia Delaney's, McLenon's Reel, June Apple, Scatter the Mud/ Tobin's/ Morrison's Jig, Ragtime Annie, Barrowburn, Beth Cohen's, Gravel Walk, Kitchen Girl, Green Mountain Petronella, Hewlett's, Josefin's Dopvals

February 13, 2007~ La Bastringue, Julia Delaney, Nail That Catfish to the Tree, Batchelder's/ Ross' Reel #4, Gigue de Terrebonne, Drowsy Maggie, Trip to Durrow, Kitchen Girl/ Mason's Apron, Big John McNeil, Jamie Allen/ Star of Munster, Log Drivers Waltz, Swallowtail Reel/ Dick Gossip's, Devil's Dream, Caribou

February 6, 2007~ Hudie Gallagher's, You Married My Daughter Yet You Didn't/ Gaspe Reel, Lady Ann Montgomery/ Swallowtail Reel, Devil's Dream, Ragtime Annie, Bad Hair/ Rambling Pitchfork, Captain O'Kane, Kitchen Girl, Bob McQuillen's Reel, Teetotalers Reel/ June Apple, Midnight on the Water, Gaspe Reel/ Saut du Lapin/ Joys of Quebec, Dick Gossip, High Road to Linton, Julia Delaney, Josfin's Dopvals

January 31, 2007~ Computer issues prevented posting of this week's tunes

January 24, 2007~ You Married My Daughter But You Didn't, Hundred Pipers, Old French, Shoo Fly, Josfin's Dopvals (in G), Farewell to Whiskey, Gaspe Reel, Out on the Ocean, Sally Garden, Morpeth Rant, Liza Jane, Moon and Seven Stars, O'Keefe's Slide, Sugar & Gold, Liberty, Pays de Haut, Sandy Boys, Boys Lament for His Dragon, Chinese Breakdown, Cheticamp, My Cape Breton Home, Johnny's Gone to France, Rannie McLellan, Neil Gows Lament for the River Beaton, Give Me Your Hand, Red Haired Boy, Rakes of Mallow, Joys of Quebec

January 16, 2007~ Barrowburn, Julia Delaney, Riddle, Kesh Jig/ Cliffs of Moher, Swallowtail Reel, Arkansas Traveler/ Whiskey Before Breakfast, Cincinnati Rag, Blackberry Blossom, Swinging in a Leisure Suit, Soldier's Joy/ Fisher's Hornpipe, Cold Frosty Morning/ Caribou, Ragtime Annie, Koehler's Hornpipe (would this go into Puff the Magic Dragon?), Swinging on a Gate/ Scollay's, Steciak's, Batchelder's, Shoo Fly/ Sandy Boys, Josefin's Dopvals

January 9, 2007~ Swinging on a Gate/ Mason's Apron, ShooFly/ Kitchen Girl, Koehler's Hornpipe, Caribou Reel, Banks of the Allen/ O'Keefe's Slide/ Out on the Ocean, Reel des Eboulements, La Belle Catherine, Paddy on the Landfill, The Judge, Devil's Dream, Ragtime Annie, Bus Stop/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Big John McNeil/ Julia Delaney/ Big John McNeil, Cincinnati Rag, Black Nag, Fisher's Hornpipe, Josefin's Dopvals

January 2, 2007~ Levis Beaulieu/Forester's Hornpipe, Caribou, Cowboy Jig, Jig of Slurs, Julia Delaney, Liberty, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Koehler's Hornpipe, Stan Chapman's, Beth Cohen's, Reel des Eboulements, Lost Indian (1), Petronella, Johnny Cope, String of Trucks, Cliffs of Moher, Blackberry Blossom, Morpeth Rant, Snake River Reel/ Sandy Boys, Southwind

December 26, 2006~ Cold Frosty Morning, Nail That Catfish to the Tree, Swinging on a Gate/ Mason's Apron, March of St Timothy, Shove That Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire/ Snake River Reel, My Cape Breton Home, Grumbling Old Man and Growling Old Woman, Banshee/ Mad Dan, Julia Delaney (Bill Cheatem), Reel des Eboulements, Galopede/ Forester's Hornpipe, Scollays Reel, Red Haired Boy, String of Trucks/ Lady Ann Montgomery, Amelia's Waltz

December 19, 2006~ Red Haired Boy, Cheticamp, Shoo Fly, Scollay's, Reel des Eboulements, Over the Waterfall, String of Trucks, New Stove, La Belle Catherine, Caribou, Sackett's Harbor, Father Kelly's, Morrison's Jig/ Indian Point, Paddy on the Landfill, Cold Frosty Morning, Trip to Windsor, Trip to Durrow, Ruffled Drawers, Beth Cohen's, Elcik's Farewell, My Own Home, Star of the County Down

December 12, 2006~ Liberty, Levis Beaulieu/Forester's Hornpipe, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Koehler's Hornpipe, Scollay's, Rock the Cradle Joe, Banks of the Allen/ O'Keefe's Slide/ Out on the Ocean, Julia Delaney, Banshee, Boys Lament for His Dragon, Devil's Dream/ Blackberry Blossom, Hudie Gallagher's, Road to California, Far From Home, Father Kelly's, Caribou Reel, Sheebeg & Sheemore, Star of the County Down

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