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Mighty Cloud of Fiddlers Tune List

The Mighty Cloud of Fiddlers is a gathering of musicians, mostly fiddlers, playing to benefit Habitat for Humanity. This year, the Mighty Cloud will be playing at the second Saturday contradance in North Yarmouth at Wescustogo Hall, under the guidance of Greg Boardman. There have been a couple versions of the tune list, the first quite long and the second much shorter. Take your pick, they're all great tunes. Here is an email letter from Greg with more information, followed by the long list of tunes. Shorter list at the end of this page.

Dear Friends,

Once again the Mighty Cloud will rise to play a dance to benefit Habitat
for Humanity at the Westcustego Grange Hall in North Yarmouth Saturday
January 13, beginning at 8 PM. Please pass the word and come play with

What is the Mighty Cloud of Fiddlers? It is a gathering welcoming of all

fiddlers regardless of experience or ability, who wish to lend their
voice in a mass, spontaneous setting for the communal good. There are no
auditions, rehearsals or sound checks. We tend to play chestnuts from the
New England contradance repertoire, new and old. Habitat for Humanity is
one of the best non profit organizations operating in the world, helping
people find a home in new or restored buildings, with sweat equity and
no-interest mortgages. What a concept! So join up and fiddle and dance
someone all the way home!

No way we can play all these tunes for one dance, but we will draw on the
following as the need arises the night of (JANUARY 13, 2007!). I can't
peace and love


Reels in A
Mason's Apron
Big John McNeil
Miller's Reel
Devil's Dream
June Apple
Grumbling Old Man
Levi Beaulieu
Speed the Plow
Joys of Quebec
Bowing the String
High Reel
Angus Campbell
Carroll County Breakdown
Maine Freeway

Reels in G
Flowers of Edinburgh
Paddy on the Railroad
Temperance Reel
Swinging on a Gate
Walker Street
Golden Wedding Reel
Galen's Arrival
Leather Britched
Turkey in the Straw
You Married My Daughter
Hughie Shorty's
Father Somebody

Reels in D
Shingling the Roof
St. Anne's
Ragtime Annie
Old French
Fairies' Reel
Opera Reel
Judy's Reel
Fisher's Hornpipe
Mississippi Sawyer
Over the Waterfall
Angeline the Baker

Reels in F
Ross's Reel
Toque Bleu

Reels in e minor
Ships a Sailing
Drowsie Maggie

Reels in a minor
Cold Frosty Morning
Point au Pic
Kitchen Girl

Reels in d minor
Julia Delaney

Jigs in A
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
100 Pipers
Athol Highlanders
Willie's Trip to Toronto
Cowboy Jig
Rory O'Moore

Jigs in D
Haste to the Wedding
Calliope House
Jig of Slurs
Lark in the Morning
Frost is All Over
Tripping Upstairs

Jigs in G
Larry O'Gaff
The Torment

Jigs in e minor

Jigs in a minor
Ten Penny Money
Cliffs of Moher
Rakes of Kildare

Jigs in b minor
Leapin Lulu

Winter's Night

Cape Breton Home
Over the Waves

Jenny Lind


Here is an updated, shortened tune list from Greg Boardman.

Mighty Cloud is a benefit contra dance for Habitat for Humanity that takes place
Sat. January 13th '07 at 8:00 pm at Wescustogo Hall, North Yarmouth. All musicians are welcome to play at the dance. Most of the tunes on the setlist can be found in either of the Portland Collection books or the New England Fiddlers' Repertoire.

1. Swinging on a Gate G/Mason’s Apron A
2. Levi Beaulieu A/Forester's D
3. Cooley's em/Reconciliation A
4. Judy's Reel (Maid Behind the Bar) D/Temperance Reel em
5. Ross's Reel F/Julia Delaney dm
6. Grumbling Old Man
7. Walker Street G/Trip to Windsor A
8. Big John MacNeil A/Fisher’s Hornpipe D
9. Money Musk A/Ships a’ Sailing em
1. Kesh Jig G/Cliffs of Moher am
2. Jig of Slurs D+G
3. Swallowtail Jig em/Calliope House E
1. Over the Waves G
2. Cape Breton Home G
Winter's Night

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