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The Norlands Living History Center in Livermore, Maine has a diverse program, offering a glimpse into life on a farm in rural Maine in the 1800's. One of the programs they have is a "Live-In" weekend that is part of a university class. As part of this weekend, college students take on names & roles of people from that era, engage in activities for hands-on learning, and take part in social events. One of these is the traditional "Barn Dance".

fiddlehedz has been providing music for these simple, introductory squares, contras, and circle dances since last year. Depending on the weather and conditions, we've played on the front lawn, in the barn, and in the kitchen. Attendance is limited to those in the university program, and can vary from 8-12 or so... the response has been wonderful. For most of these young adults, it is their first experience with this style of folk/social dancing. The live music we provide helps create that connection between the caller's instructions and the actual steps & moves... lots of fun for us. Typically, we like to play old-time New England style jigs and reels, and we like to end the evening with a waltz. The other nice thing about this venue, it's almost in our own backyard.

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