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Cape Breton Session

This jam session takes place the 4th Sunday of each month at Coopers Mills. Email for more information, pdf's of the tunes, and directions.

• Lime Hill/ Strathspey/ Mr Dow’s/ Mrs. Dow’s
• The Stage/ Tara Brooch
• Laybourn’s/ Blind Nora O’Neill/ Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow
• Clear the Track/ Bamford/ Glen’s Hornpipe
• Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney/ Atholes’s Honest Men/ Mrs MacKinnon Corry
• Torry Burn/ Neil Roy/ Mrs Douglas Moncrieff
• Marchioness of Tullybardine/ Miss Lyall
• Miss MacLeod’s Reel/ Old King’s Reel/ Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston
• Mutt’s Favourite/ Bernadette’s Reel/ Lady Gordon of Gordonstown
• Cutting Ferns/ Alex Dan MacIsaac’s/ Brenda Stubbert’s
• Spey in Spate/ Archie Menzie/ Sean MaGuire’s
• Deil’s Lochie/ Angus Ronald Beaton’s/ Brenda Stubbert’s
• Boys of Lough Gowna/ New House
• Mrs Colonel Bailie of Red/ Lady Mary Stopford
• Athole Brose/ Jamie Hardie/ Mrs Rachel Gibson
• Laird O’Drumblair/ Kirrie Kebbuck

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