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Favorite CD's

The fiddlekids are compliling a list of favorite CD's... you know, the music you play in your vehicle on long trips, the tracks you put on when you need a little lift. Here are the top 5 picks from some recently polled jam friends.

First Responders Marlene & Al submitted:

1. Wild Rose of the Mountain ~ J.P. Fraley, Eastern Kentucky Fiddle Music. These are not tunes we hear locally, nor are they contra dance tunes. J.P. Fraley is an old time fiddler and evokes a distinctive sound from his fiddle. Definitely a Master Fiddler!
2. The Reckless Ramblers, Lowdown Hoedown ~ Nat Hewitt is the bomb! Driving Energy, addictive.
3. Notorious ~ Eden obviously has classical training. Her bow control, long bow style combined with contra dance music is somewhat unique.
4. Rodney Miller's Airdance ~ I think everybody in Maine knows this one
5. Fire & Grace ~ Alasdair Frasier & Natalie Haas

My choices:

1. Beolach~ self titled "Beolach", 2. Reckless Reel, 3. Elke Baker's "Over The Border", 4. Alistair Frasier~ "The Road North", 5. Moving Violations

If you would like to share your top 5 CD's of fiddling and/or contradance music, send your list to!

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