Davie Taylor
Acadian Breakdown
Acadian Reel
Andy Renwick's Ferret
Angus Campbell
Ann Marie MacDonald Jig
Anna (Annie) is My Darling
Anne MacQuarrie's Reel
Archie Menzies
Archie Stewart's Reel
Argyle Bowling Green
Arrochar Bridge
Atghole Brose
Atlantic Reel
Aunt Hilda's Waltz
Aunt Rose's Reel
Bashful Bachelor Hornpipe
Battle of the Boyne
Bear River Jig
Beautiful Swanee River Hornpipe
Bedou's Reel
Belfast Jig
Big Coffin Reel
Big John MacNeil
Bird's Nest
Bishop MacDonald
Black Hoe
Black Mill
Black Velvet Waltz
Blackberry Blossom
Blue Mountain Hornpipe
Blue Water Waltz
Bob Johnston
Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
Bonniest Lass in A' the World
Bonny Dundee
Bonny Kate
Bonny Lass of Fisherrow
Bonny Lea Rig
Bradley's Reell
Brae Reel
Braes of Auchtertyre
Braes of Mar
Brenda Stubbert's Reel
Bridal Jig
Bridge of Bamore
Bridge of Inver
Bruno's Reel
Buckley's Favorite
Burnt Leg
By the Fireside
Calum Fhionnlaith
Cape Breton Wedding Reel
Captain Campbell
Carl's Homecoming
Carlton County Breakdown
Carnie's Canter
Cathy Hughes' Return
Cathy Hughes' Wedding
Chaisson Reel
Chetticamp Reel
Chinese Breakdown
Chorus Jig
Clam Digger's Breakdown
Cobbler's Reelo
Cock of the North
Coilesfield House
College Hornpipe
Colonel Robertson
Come Under My Plaidie
Compliments to Buddy MacMaster
Confederation Reel
Constitution Breakdown
Cornelia's Reel
Cotton Eyed Joe
Country Waltz
Cronin's Favorite
Crooked Stovepipe
Culloden Day
Cutting Ferns
Daisy's Jig
Dancing Fingers
Darlin' Don't You Meddle Me
Darlin' Nellie Grey
Democratic Rage Hornpipe
Denny Pitre's Reel
Devil in the Kitchen
Devil's Delight
Devil's Dream
Dillon Brown
Don Side
Donald Cameron's Reel
Donnybrook Fair
Don't Be Teasing
Doucette's Dream
Doucette's Reel
Down the Tannoch Road
Dr Keith, Aberdeen
Dr Shaw
Dragger's Reel
Drunken Piper
Dublin Porter
Duchess' Slipper
Duke of Gordon's Birthday
Dunie Mains
East Newk of Fife
Elmer Briand's Jig
Factory Smoke Clog
Fairies at Monticello
Farewell to Whiskey
Farmer's Reel
Fay's Hornpipe
Fermoy Lasses
Ferry Bridge Hornpipe
Fiddling Phil
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fisher's Wedding
Five Mile Chase
Florence Killen's Waltz
Flowers of Edinburgh
Foncey's Tune
Four Marys
Fr. Francis Cameron
Freetown Reel
Garmot Smiddy
George Mel's Dream
George Mel's Reel
George V's Army
Gerard Heintzman's Piano
German Waltz
Girl I Left Behind Me
Glencoe March
Glengarry's Dirk
Glennfiddich Strathspey
Golden Wedding Day
Goldenrod Jig
Green Fields of America (PEI Setting)
Green Meadow Reel
Grieg's Pipes
Growling Old Man
Hamish the Carpenter
Hanged Man's Reel
Haughs of Cromdale
Heather on the Hill
Hector MacDonald's Reel
Hector the Hero
Hell and Toe Polka
Herring Reel
High Level Hornpipe
High Road to Linton
Highland Jig, A
Highlandman's Reel
Home Sweet Home
Home Waltz
Homeward Bound
Honeymoon Polka
Hughie Jim Paul's Reel
Hughie Shorty's Reel
I Just Don't Want to Be Rich
Inverness Gathering "Reel"
Inverness Jig
Irish Washerwoman
Irish-American Reel
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Iron Man
Island Boy
Jack Richard's Tune
Jackson's Jig
Jay's Reel
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Jerome's Farewell to Gibralter
Jerry's Beaver Hat
Jimmy MacKinnon of Smelt Brook
Jimmy's Favorite
Jock Wilson's Ball
Joe Griffin's Tune
Joe Kearney's Reel
Joe MacDonald's Reel
Joe Pete's Reel
Joesph & Margaret Chaisson
John Angus Beaton
John Dan MacPherson's Jig
John J McPhee's Reel
John Morrison, Assynt House
John of Badenyon
Johnny Cope "Reel"
Johnny Joe Chaisson's Reel
Johnny Joe Lem's Jig
Johnny Sullivan's Reel
Johnny Wagoner
Johnny's Jig
Joys of Mabou Mines
Joys of Wedlock
Judique Jig
Judique Reel
Karen Chaisson's Reel
Kenmure's on & Awa', Willie
Kennedy Street March
Kevin Chaisson's Reel
Kiley's Reel
Kimmy's Jig
King George IV
Kingdom Comin'
King's Reel
Kitty at the Well
Koehler's Hornpipe
La Rose
Lad O'Beirn's Reel
Lady Erskine
Laird o' Drumblair
Lamentation for James Moray, Esq of Abercarney
Land of Sweet Erin
Larry O'Gaff
Lass o'Gowrie
Lasses of Gelenaodale
Lasses of Gelenaodale
Lassie with the Yellow Coatie
Lem Jay's Fancy
Let's Have a Ceilidh
Levantine's Barrel
Liberty Two Step
Light and Airy
Lime Hill
Little Burnt Potato
Little Donald in the Pigpen
Little Jack's Reel
Little Old Log Cabin for Sale
Loch Leven Castle
Londonderry Hornpipe
Lord Lovat's "Lament"
Lord MacDonald's Reel
MacDonald's March "Reel"
MacKinnon's Rant
MacSwain's Reel
Maid Behind the Bar
Maid on the Green
Malcolm Finlay
Maple Sugar
Marchioness of Huntley
Marchioness of Tullybardine
Margaree Reel
Margaret Anne Robertson
Marquis of Huntley
Mary Clare
Mason's Apron
Massacre at Glen Coe
McDermott's Reel
McFadden's Favorite
McPhee's Rant
Me Ain Kind Dearie
Meeting of Waters
Miller o'Drome
Minstrel's Fancy
Miramichi Fire
Miss Barker's Hornpipe
Miss Drummond of Perth
Miss Georgina Campbell
Miss Gordon's Strathspey
Miss Lyall Reel
Miss Lyall Reel
Miss MacDougall of Wallaston
Miss Mary Stephanie MacLean
Miss Maule's Strathspey
Miss Maxwell
Miss Shepherd
Misty Mountain
Mom's Jig
Moonshine Reel
Mr Murray
Mrs Beatty Wallace
Mrs Forbes Leith
Mrs J Forbes
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
Mrs McLeod of Rasay
Mrs Menzies of Culdare's Strathepey
Mrs Muir MacKenzie
Mrs Norman MacKeigan
Mucky' o' Geordie's Byre
Mug & Brush Reel
Mullean Dubh
Munlochy Bridge
Munster Lass
Murray River Jig
Mussel Breakdown
My Brother's Letter
My Own Homestead
My Two Sons
Names Escape Me
New Brig l'Dee
Niel Gow's Fiddle
Niel Gow's Lament for His Second Wife
Nine Point Coggie (E Setting)
North Cape Reel
North Side Tune
Norwegian Waltz
O'Brien's Reel
Off She Goes to Miramichi
Old Gray Bonnet
Old King's Reel
Old Man & Old Woman
Old Peter's Reel
On the Road to Skye
Orange & Blue Jig
Over the Briny Ocean
Paddy Carrey's Ship
Parry Sound Reel
Peek-a-boo Waltz
Peter Baillie's Wife
Plaza Polka
Portencross Castle
Prince Edward Island Fiddler's March
Rakes of Mallow
Red Wing
Reg Banks' Bune
Regina Stubbert's Jig
Richard Brennan's Jig
Rippling Waters Jig
River Bend Jig
River John Sunset Waltz
Road to Dundee
Road to India
Road to Skye
Robert Cormack, Aberdeen
Rock Valley Jig
Rose of Tennessee
Rosebud of Allenvale
Rosewood Jig
Rothiemurchus Rant
Royal Scots "March"
San Malo a Bord de Mer
San Malo by the Sea
Sandy MacIntyre's March
Scotch Waltz
Shandon Bells
Shores of Lough Gowna
Sidney Baglole's Tune
Silver and Gold
Silvery Bell
Sir Archibald Dunbar
Sister Donna Kelly
Smash the Windows
Souris Waltz
Southern Melody/ The Polo March
Southern Waltz
Sow's Tail
Space Available
Stella's Trip to Kamloops
Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
Stool of Repentance
Sweetness of Mary
Tea Gardens
Tennessee Two Step
Teviot Bridge
Tina's Schottische
Tom Dey Strathspey
Tommy's Jig
Tracy Regina's March
Trips with David
Tuggerman's Jig
Uncle Jim
Walkin' Uptown
Wandering Minstrel
West Point Jig
Westphalia Waltz
Whelan's Brekdown
When You and I Were Young Maggie
Whisky Jig
White Cockade
White River Stomp
Wilfred's Fiddle
Winston's Strathspey
Wreck of the Old No. 9
Zelie-Anne's Tune