1/8th Fiddle
Alec Dan MacIsaac's
Alec Menzie's
Alex Joe's Jig
Alexander William MacDonnell's
All My Friends
Allister's Friendship
Allowa Kirk
Andy Dejarlis
Angus Chisholm's Favorite
Angus Chisholm's Irish Hornpipe
Angus Gillis, the Boston Stepdancer
Aoife's reel
Archie Menzie's
Arthur Muise
Arthur Muise
Arthur's Carignan Reel
Ashleys Swing
Aubey Foley's Jig
Aubey Foley's Reel
Aubey Foley's Strathspey
Austin White's
Baby Brat
Back Rub
Barry's Trip to Paris
Beauties of the Ballroom
Beautiful Lake Ainslie
Believe It or Not
Bernadette's Reel
Big Alec's Jig
Bill Nicholson's 67th
Billy the Hook
Bird's Nest
Black Pig
Blind Nora O'Neill
Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow
Braes of Auchentyre
Braies of Bushbie
Brenda Stubbert's
Bridge of Inver
Broken Hammer
Buddy at Big Pond
Burnt Leg
Caber Feidh
Camper Van
Cape Breton Symphony Reel
Cape Breton Symphony Strathspey
Cape North Reel
Carmel Mahoney's
CBC's Glen and Carl
Champion Jig
Charms of Whiskey
Cheticamp Jig
Christy's Fine Cup of Tea
Ciaran Tourish
Clifford Chiasson's Strathspey
Coach Road to Sligo
Combined Effort
Compliments to Buddy MacMaster
Compliments to Sean Maguire
Compliments to the Browns of Dingwall
Compost Heap
Connor MacGilllivray
Courtney MacPherson's
Cranking Out
Cut and Come Again
Dan Collin's Father's Jig
Danny Big Alec MacDonald
Dave MacIsaac's Jig
David Rankins's Strathspey
David White's Reel
David Finest Hour
Douglas MacFarlane's Victory
Doug MacPhee's Visit to Belle Cote
Dougie and Malcolm
Downthe River
Drummond Castle
Dublin Porter
Dundee Hornpipe
East Wind
Easter Elchies
Emily's Reel
Erratic Duo
Farewell to Sticky Buns
Father Eugene's Welcome to Cape North
Father Jack Walsh
Father John Angus Rankin
Father John Angus Rankin's March
Fiddle on Fire
Fiddler's Breakfast
Fishing with Vic
Forth Brig
Francis Bert MacDonald
Gabe Arsenault
Garfield Vale
Glen McCabe's Reel
Glen Finnes
Glencoe Marathon
Glengarry's Dirk
Gordon Cote
Happy Go Lucky Clog
Harry Bradshaw's Reel
Haste to the Wedding
Hearty Boys of Ballymote
Hilda's Choice
Hilda's Slow Strathspey
Hinton's Lovesick Barmaid
Holland Wedding
Honest Woman of Many Trades
Hot Fingers
Hughie Johnny Angus of West Mabou
Hung Over Church Organist
Idle Road
Iggie and Squiggie
Invernes Lasses
Irving Steeple
J.C. MacIsaac's Strathspey
Jack Hall's Jig
Janet Beaton
Jenny's Reel
Jerry Holland's Strathspey
Jerry's Pipe Jig
Joe Rach
Joey Beaton's Reel
John Allan Cameron's Reel
John Pellerine's Strathspey
Johnny Muise's Reel
Jordie Jig
Jr's Proud Father
Just Cruising
Karen's Reel
Katie Trotter
Kildare Fancy
Kiss the Lass Ye Love the Best
Laddie with the Plaidie
Lad O'Byrne's
Lady Duff's Jig
Lady Gordon of Gordonstown
Lala's Jig
Lambert Foley
Lassie with the Yellow Coatie
Lenny Chiasson's Reel
Little Judique
Little Man's Homecoming
Little Pickle
Lively Steps
Loch Lomond Reel
London Lasses
Lorca's Reel
Lord MacDonald
Ma Ma Come Let's Dance
MacBeth's Strathspey
MacDonalds of Hamilton
MacKenzie of Gairloch
MacKenzie's Rant
Magnetic Reel
Major Molle's
Malcolm's New Fiddle
Marcel Aucoin
March for Didace
Mark Wilson's Jig
Mary Claire
Mary Cotter
Massey Hall
Maybelle's Jig
Maire O'Keeffe
McIllhatton's Retreat
Meeting John Hartford
Memories of Elmer Briand
Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell
Memories of Johnny MacLean
Memories of Mac
Memories of Winston
Memories of Angus
Merry Harrier
Michael Brown's Reel
Mike MacDougall's 25th Anniversary
Mike Saunder's Jig
Mike's Fancy
Milton and Ambrose
Miss Campbell
Miss Crawford
Miss Ketty Trotter
Miss E MacLeod
Miss MacGregor's
Miss MacKenzie of Gairloch
Miss Maxwell
Miss Rattray
Missing Reel
Molly Rankin's Reel
Mom's Jig
Moving to Belle Cote
Mrs Erskine of Torry
Mrs Ferguson of Raith
Mrs Gordon of Knockspoch
Mrs Greig's
Mrs McGee
Mucking of Geordie's Byre
Mutt's Favourite
My Ain Kind Dearie
My Cape Breton Home
My Lily
My Old Fiddle
My Otis Tomas Mandolin
Neil Beaton's
Meil MacKay's Reel
New York Jig
Newcastle Hornpipe
Noel Hill's Fancy
Old Boar
Old Faithful
Old Inverness County Reel
Old Timers
On a Hot Piano
Ottawa Valley
Owny's Best Jig
Pat's Parlour
Paddy's Trip to Scotland
Paul's Pipes
Pepin Arsenault
Peter Martin
Piano Player's Nightmare
Pigeon on the Gate
Pool Reel
Reel des Enfants
Reel for Carl
Reel Made with Hilda
Reel of Tulloch
Return from India
Robert Stubbert
Roderick MacDonald
Sailor's Wife
Salute to Boston
Scars and Tattos
Sean Maguire's Reel
Sean Maguire's Style
Shetland Fiddler
Sir David Davidson of Cantry
Souter Johnny
South West Margaree Hall
Spey in Spate
Split Level
Stan Chapman's Jig
Stella's Trip to Kamloops
Stonehouse jig
Stories with Jim and Jack MacLean
Sugarloaf Schoolhouse
Suicidal Hot Dog
Sweet Journeys
Tam's Grey Mare
Tar Road to Sligo
Tea Gardens
Thanks to Paul and Paul
Tim Horton's Strathspey
Tipsy Sailor
Tom MacCormack
Tommy Ben's
Traditional Strathspey
Trip to Dublin
Trip with Joey on Record Day
Trips with David
Tune for Glendale
Two Flat Tires
Up in Smoke
Valerie MacDonald
Vega Mandolin
Visit with Bill Lamey
West Mabou Hall
Wet Jeans
When You've Hooked Him Hold Him Fast
Wilfred High in His Bunk
William Collin's
Willie Joe's Jig
Winnifred Foley
Winning Ticket
Winston at the Glenville Hall
Winston in the 50's
Winston Tune
Wrigley's Reel
You're Only as Good as Your Last Gig