79th's Farwell to Gibraltar
Alexander Laing's Hornpipe
Amaranth Waltz
An Honest Shaker
Anlon McKinney
Archie Stewart's Favorite
Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?
Around the Lake
Ashuelot Hornpipe
Balcomie House
Ball and Pin
Bank of Turf
Banks of Inverness
Barrowburn Reel
Basket of Yarn
Behind the Haystack
Bella Union
Belle Catherinette
Betsy Baker
Betty Pringle's Pig
Biddlestone Hornpipe
Big Pat's Reel
Big Wheel
Bill Collins' Jig
Bill Hoare's Reel
Billy Pigg's Hornpipe
Bitter Batter
Black Knife
Black Rock
Blackberry Blossom
Blaydon Flats
Bobbing for Eels
Boil the Sap
Border Collie
Boring the Leather
Boston Boys
Boy in the Boat
Boys of Antrim
Boys of Ballinafad
Boys of Malin
Bracen's Jig
Braw Lads of Jedburgh
Breeches Mary
Briggie Stanes
Brookside Hornpipe
Callaghan's Reel
Castle Kelly
Catch Club
Celebrated Stop
Charlie Harris
Chestnut Tree
Ciaran O'Reilly
Civcle Jig
Clancy's Dream
Clark's Favorite
Clonmore Jig
Close to the Floor
Collier's Jig
Colonel Fraser
Condemned Hall in Dublin
Controco Hornpipe
Controversial Reel
Copenhagen Hornpipe
Copenhagen Waltz
Creamer's Reel
Creel of Turf
Crehan's Reel
Cronin's Favorite
Cronin's Reel
Crowley's Reel
Dainty Davie
Dalkey Island
Dancing Table
Dancing Tailor
Devaney's Goat
Dinny Delaney's
Dooney Rock
Dooney Rock
Dorsetshire March
Double Dutch
Dougie and Malcolm
Dr Mackay's Farewell to Creagorry
Dram Shell
Drunken Landlady
Drystone Wall
Duchess of Atholl's Jig
Duffy the Dancer
Earl Bley's Jig
Eddie Kelly's
Elizabeth Ann MacDonald's
Elsey's Waltz
Evergreen Lasses
Ewe with the Crooked Horn
Fair-Haired Mary
Fairy Fire
Father Kelly's Jig
Fiddle Hill Jig
Fiddler's Throne
Fifer's Lament
Finch in the Thistles
Finerty's Frolic
First of September
Floating Bridge
Floating Hawks
Flowers of Spring
Forest Road
Francis the Miller
Frank Harris' Breakdown
Frankenstein's Country Jamboree
Fred Finn's
Fred Finn's #2
Freya Robertson
Gallagher's Frolics
Galley Slave (air)
Get Lost Jig
Glen of Aherlow
Glountaine School
Gold Ring
Golden Eagle
Gone A-Rovin'
Grand Canal
Granite State
Gypsy's Return
Hag with the Money
Halkirk Games
Hampstead Jig
Hare in the Corn
Harrington Hall
Harris Dance
Haydn's March
Hearty Boys of Ballymote
Heather Island
Hello, Goodbye
High C's
Hills of Glenurchie
Holmes' Hornpipe
Honour, Riches, Marriage Blessing
Hot as Pepper
Hot Tar Road
How Many Miles to Boston Town?
Humours of Ballyconnell
Humours of Drinagh
Humours of Toomagh
Humours of Tulla
Huntsman Hornpipe
Hurdle Race
Ian and Isobel
Ian Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet
In and Out the Harbor
Indian Ladder Jig
Iron Latch
Isle in the Sky
Jackson's Lodge in the Morning
James Stephen
Jemma Louise Grant
Jenny Rocking the Cradle
Jenny's Wedding
Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
Johan Elizabeth Jamieson's Favourite
John Brennan's
Johnny Cronin's
Juniata Hornpipe
Killanan's Fancy
Kilmoulis Jig
King of the Pipes
Kiss Me Joe
Kitty Come Down the Meadow
Kitty O'Neil
Lady Bartlett's Whim
Lady Gordon's Reel
Larry Redican's
Last Night's Fun
Laxo Burn
Leslie's Hornipipe
Liddell's Hornpipe
Life Like a Sea in Constant Motion
Lightly Tripping
Linnet's Reel
Litten's Hornpipe
Little Man's Homecoming
Lochmaben Hornpipe
Logan Water
Lord Macdonald's Highlanders
Lough Key
Luke of Monymusk
Magho Snaps
Magic Flute
Maid at the Spinning Wheel
Maiden that Jigs it in Style
Maire's Welcome
Man of Aran
Maple Leaf
March to Reform Street
Market Town
Martin Ainsborough's
Mary Elder's Jig
Mary McMahon's
Mary Scott the Flower of Yarrow
Master's Daughter
Matt Peoples
Maud Millar
McDonagh's Reel
McFadden's Favorite
McFadden's Handsome Daughter
McLachlan's Jig
McQuillen's Squeezebox
Metacomet's March
Michael's Pig
Mick Finn's
Mick Flaherty's
Mill Hollow Reel
Miller's Daughter
Milliner's Daughter
Miss Casey's Jig
Miss Kirsty Jamieson
Miss MacGregor's Jig
Miss Malcolm's Hornpipe
Monkton's Foot
Moon and Seven Stars
Mount Pleasant
Mount Vernon
Mountain Top
Mrs Monroe's Jig
Mulhaire's #9
Music in the Glen
My Ain Kind Dearie
Na Fianna
Nearly Done
New Found Out
New Hampshire Swingeroo
New Tyne Bridge
No Grain, No Pain
No-Name Tune
Northern Lights
Nuthatch Descending
O'Carolan's Fancy
Old Figary O'
Old John's Jig
Old Peter Street
Old Rocking Chair
Old Time Waltz
Ostinella Reel
Owen's Reel
Paddy Clancy's Jig
Paddy Kelly's
Peadar's Reel
Peerless Hornpipe
Peterswell Hornpipe
Pinch of Snuff
Piper's Waltz
Queen of Sheba Arrives
Queen of Sheba Departs
Queen's Fancy
Quoin of the Realm
R.P. Hale
Ralph Page's Breakdown #1
Ralph Page's Breakdown #2
Rambler from Clare
Reddigan's Reel
Reel for a Portland Fancy
Reel of Mullinavat
Reggie's Cigar
Reilly of the White Hill
Richie Dwyer's Reel
Rights of Man
Road to Ballymac
Road to Glountaine
Road to the Glens
Roaring Mary
Rosie Finn's Favorite
Roving Sailor
Roxburgh Castle
Royal Deux-Ports
Royal Review
Russell's Jig
Sailors Set on Shore
Sam Hide's Jig
Scotia Girl Hornpipe
Sebastapol Hornpipe
Second Saturday
Sedorwood Jig
Sheffield Hornpipe
Shepherd Boy's March
Shores of Lough Graney
Skirl of the Pipes
Smash the Windows
Soldier's Dream
Spindle Shanks
Spirvin's Fancy
Square Order Shuffle
St Kevin's Jig
St Pierr's Hornpipe
Stan Chapman
Stockton Hornpipe
Stone in the Field
Stony Point
Straw Rope
Struan Robertson
Stumbling Fiddler
Sweet Maid of Mull
Tadhag a Ruin
Taggart's Hornpipe
Taggart's Reel #1
Taggart's Reel #2
Taggart's Reel #3
Tailor's Twist
Thrush in the Bush
Tide Comes In
Tinker Barn
Tipsy Parson
Tiree Bridal Song
Tour of Scotland
Trafalgar Hornpipe
Tribute to Whelan and Ivers
Trip to Killavil
Trolll Soup
Tullich Farm
Uncle Henry's Jig
Union Reel
Unknown Irish Reel #1
Unknown Irish Reel #2
Waltz for a Glass Armonica
Washington's Grand March
Western Isles
Wheels of the World
Whiddon's Hornpipe
Whipple's Hornpipe
Whistling Postman
White Horse
Wild Good Chase
Will's Jig
Wilma Sellar Two-Step
Wonder Hornpipe
World Turned Upside Down
Wull White
Year End Two Step
Yellow Tinker