After Midnite Hornpipe
Alice's Reel
Anchor Steam Reel
Andy de Jarlis
Anty's Fancy
Apple Blossom
April Storm
Banks of Lough Gowna
Bargenny Bowling Green
Barrowburn Reel
Becky's Mode
Belfast Jig
Belknap's March
Belle Gaspesie
Beloeil Reel
Bennet's Favorite
Beth Cohen's
Big Bear
Big Scioty
Bill Black's
Billy in the Lowlands
Billy Wilson
Black Eyed Susie
Black Friday
Black Jack Grove
Blue Jig
Blue Tuque
Boats of Killaloe
Bob McQuillen's Reel
Bob Olsen
Bocht agus Sona ag 53
Booth Shot Lincoln
Boys of the Town
Boys, My Money's All Gone
Brandy Mon Oncle
Breakwater Boys Breakdown
Bride's Reel
Bridgewater Boys Breakdown
Brushy Run
Bush on the Hill
Butcher's Row
Buzz the 9
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July
Camp Pleasant Jig
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
Canadian Holiday
Cape Breton Jig
Castle Jig
Cattle in the Cane
Chaine du Reel
Charlie Mulvihill's
Chipchase Reel
Chirps and Grain
Cincinnati Rag
Clare Jig
Compliments to Sean Maguire
Con Cassidy's Jig
Congress Reel
Cordal Jig
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy's Dream
Cuil Aodha
Cup of Tea
Cynthia's Christmas Jig
Darla's Jig
De Boatman's Dance
December March
Dedicado a Jos
Derry Reel
Desnoyer Reel
Deuxieme Partie dur Quadrille de l'Ile d'Orleans
Devil's Churn
Diable Vert
Dick Gossip's
Drunken Landlady
Early in the Year
East Neuk of Fife
East Tennessee Blues
Elsie's Farewell
Ernie Healy's
Eskimo Reel
Esquimaux, Reel des
Fantastic Reel
Farrell O'Gara
Father Francis Cameron's Reel
Felix, Reel
Fermoy Lasses
Fiddler's Dream
Fleur de Mandragore
Flowers of Autumn
Flying Home to Shelley
Folding Down the Sheets
Foot to the Ground
Forest Wedding
Forester's Hornpipe
Four O'Clock in the Morning
Frank's Reel
Garster's Dream
Geese in the Bog
George White's Favorite
Girl with the Blue Dress On
Going to the Free State
Golden Legs
Golden Wedding Reel
Gonna Climb Them Golden Stairs
Grace Hay's Delight
Grandpere, Reel du
Greek Melody
Granny Quinn's Gray Eagle
Great Eastern Reel
Green Apple Quickstep
Green Table
Grey Eagle (A)
Grey Eagle C
Guizer's March
Hairy Dogleaf
Hamsters in the Pantry
Hand Me Down the Tackle
Handsome Young Maidens
Hey, Little Girl Do What I Tell You
Hole in the Hedge
Hommage a la Belle Gaspesie
Hommage a Rock Proulx
Hornpipe in the Style of Sean Maguire
Hudie Gallagher's
Humors of Boston Hornpipe
Hunter's House
Hut on Staffin Island
Ice House
Iggie and Squiggie
Indian Ate the Woodchuck
Indian Point
Iron Curtain Breakdown
J. B. Milne
Jack Delad
Jackson's Jig
Jacky Tar
Jeff City
Jefferson City
Jefferson Road
Jerry and Tom
Jersey Lightning
Jig in A
Jig of Slurs
Jimmy in the Swamp
Joe's Favorite
John Hardy
John Naughton's Jig
Jon Rawl Jamieson
Johnny Doherty's
Johnny Wilmot's Jig
Johnson Girl
Jos Bouchard's Tune
Joseph, Reel
Jules Verret
Kaley Amber's
Kathy Seubert's Jig
Katie Taylor
Katon's Hornpipe
Kerry Jig
Koehler's Hornpipe
Lads of Dunse
Lady Slipper Reel
Lady Walpole's Reel
Lady's Waistribbon
Lake Erie
Land of Lincoln
Last Chance
Lisnagun Jig
Little Dutch Girl
Little Katie Taylor
Little Nell
Lone Star Rag
Long, Hot Shower
Lost Cowboy
Lost Everything
Lost Girl
MacArthur Road
MacLeod's Farewell
Mad River
Maids of Castlebar
Mason de Glace
Marie Ann
Marie Dips Her Bread
Marie Sauce ton Pain
Market Town
Martha Campbell
Martin Hayes
Mary Ann's Reel
Mary Claire
Master Crowley's
Maud McQuillan
Maxime Leblanc
Meeting of the Waters
Merry Scotchman Breakdown
Micho Russell's
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe
Miss Grace Hay's Delight
Miss Murray of Lintrose
Miss Thompson's
Mist Covered Mountain
Monique at the Anvil
Montebello, Reel de
Mooncoin Reel
Moses, Hoe the Corn
Mother's Delight
Mr Danger
Mrs McGee
Mullinavat, The Reel of
Multnomah March
Munster Buttermilk
Myra's Jig
New Five Cents
New Stove
Nine Miles Out of Louisville
Old Copperplate
Old Grey Horse
Old John Tate
Old Man, Old Woman
Old Melindy
Old West Clare Jig
Old Woolworths
Other Good Host
Otter's Holt
Out on the Road
Over the Causeway
P Joe's Pecurious Pachelbel Special
Pachelbel's Frolic's
Pacific Slope Hornpipe
Paddy Fahey's Jig #1
Paddy Killoran's
Paddy on a Handcar
Paddy's Trip to Scotland
Palmer's Gate
Paul Charlesbois, Reel a
Pere Brunearu, Reel du
Pere Doiron
Pete's Breakdwons
Pete's March
Petit Sarny, 6/8 du
Philippe Bruneau #1, Reel du
Philippe Bruneau #2, Reel de
Pigeon on the Gate
Piney Woods Gal
Pinte-au-Pic, Reel de
Poor But Happy at 53
Postie's Jig
P'tit Felix, Reel du
Quadrille Bouchard Troisieme Partie
Rabbit Reel
Rambling Pitchfork
Rannie MacLellan
Raquetteurs, Les
Re, 6/8 en
Rebel Raid
Red Crow
Reel a Paul Charlesbois
Reel a Perre Bruneau
Reel Beloeil
Reel de la Saubagine
Reel de Pointe-au-Pic
Reel des Esquimaux
Reel des Siamois
Reel Desjarlais
Reel du Grahdpere
Reel du Lapin
Reel Felix
Reel Joseph
Reel of Mullinavat
Reel of Sceachog
Reel Saint-Jean
Reel Saint-Paul
Reel Semeur
Republican Spirit
Richibucto Reel
Road to Boston
Road to Glountaine
Road to Skye
Rock Valley Jig
Rockabilly Reel
Ronde des Voyageurs
Rose in the Heather
Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
Saint-Jean, Reel
Sain John's Hoedown
Saint-Paul, Reel
Sally Gardens
Sarah Armstrong's Tune
Saturday at the Market
Sauvagine, Reel de la
Scars and Tattoos
Scatter the Mud
Sceachog, Reel of
Scotch Style Jig
Scotty o'Neil
Sean Frank's
Sean Ryan's Jig
Semeur, Reel
Sergeant Early's Dream
Set Americain
Sewage Reel
Shady Grove
Sheilah Coyle's
Shores of Lough Gowna
Shuffle About
Shuffling Back
Siamois, La Reel des
Sidereal Shuffle
Silver Spire
Siobhan O'Donnell's
6/8 du Petit Sarny
6/8 en Re
Sligo Maid
Snake River Reel
Snowbird on the Ashbank
Sonny Brogan's
Split Rock
Springfield Girl
Stan Chapman's Jig
Stone's Rag
String of Trucks
String Theory
Struggling Heart
Swing Away
Swing Your Partner
Swingin' in a Leisure Suit
Tar Road to Sligo
Tartar Frigate
Tea Song
Telepyhone Tune
Terry "Cuz" Teahan's Hornpipe
Teviot Bridge
Tat's Right Too
Through the Gates
Ti-Jean, Reel a
Ti-Jules, Reel A
Timmy Clifford's Tipsy Sailor
Tom Reilly's
Tom Steele
Tom Trainor's
Tommy Mulhaire's Jig
Trip to Athlone
Trip to Windsor
Tuque Bleue
Turkey in the Peapatch
24 Juin
Twin Sisters
Up Sligo
Valley Forge
Verret's Viva el West Side
Vladimir's Steamboat
Wake Up to Cape Breton
Walk Up Georgia Row
Walking in My Sleep
Wahington's March
Wedding Reel
Wheels of the World
White Petticoat
White River Bottoms
Wild Hog in the Woods
Wild One!
Willie Coleman's
Winding Sheet
Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel
Woffin' the Cat
Yankee Dancers
Yearlings in the Canebrake
Yellow Barber
You Married My Daughter but yet You Didn't